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Kubismus Kunstdrucke: Kunstposter bei Posterlounge.de

The cubism (French: Cube = kube) was established in France at the beginning of 20th. century and was implemented at the same time, yet astoundingly completely apart from each other, by the artists Pablo Picasso and George Braque. This shows a special tendency towards this kind of art within the world of artists. Cubism dis-complicates and simplifies the representation of a highly complicated object through the means of simply, namely geometrical, guise especially cubes. A picture of the art form of cubism shows therefore a kind of parsimony and fascinates through its structures’ clarity as well as through the colorations’ careful use. Due to a so-called ‘splintering of form’, which can be seen on pictures, cubism takes the first step towards ‘abstraction’. It is very much worth ones while to roam about in the great variety of art prints and art posters Posterlounge offers in the highest quality. Each living room receives through a picture with a cubistic motive a boost by an atmosphere of clarity, directness, and straightforwardness. An important stimulus for cubism has been the art of Paul Cézanne, as well as his quotation: “Everything in art forms itself through orb, cone and cylinder”, which implements a program of regiment.

Der Kubismus – Strenge und abstrahierende Schönheit als Kunstdruck

Cubism received an important impulse through the woodworks by some African artists; those defined, almost angular features met the new arts’ aspiration for simplification. Nearly all pictures of many famous artists display these sober features; although only two-dimensional, they seem to offer depth – a carefully chosen art print or art poster lends to a suitable room and a special atmosphere which draws the onlooker into it, invites his inspection – and his contemplation about the artists’ intention. Hardly any piece of art stimulates our imagination as intensely as a picture of the art of cubism with its multitude possibilities of interpretation. It is the very character of this kind of art – the withdrawal of coloration and the concentration on a shape that cannot be misinterpreted -, which lends a special flair to an art print or art poster with such a motive. Within this soberness the inclined mind may find new and exciting aspects of a special kind of beauty.

Ein Kunstdruck des Kubismus als Ausdruck der Individualität

Everybody wants to make oneself understood, wants to find a way to communicate, to give utterance to personal preferences - preferably without heroics, without many explanations. A scientific mind will probably prefer a formula to a harangue. How expressive then could a picture with a cubistic or neo cubistic motive be, chosen according to the very own and individual aspiration! A not necessarily self-explaining picture offers a splendid topic of conversation. Quite naturally, the subject turns to the ‘analytical’ cubism with its beginnings in the first decade of the 20th. century, which took an interest in diverting a compact form, to estrange them through the means of cubistic art and to put several aspects within one single piece of art. Only a short time further on the ‘synthetical’ cubism was developed with the aim to put an objects’ single pieces together again; this with the aspiration towards the onlooker to do the same through his minds’ agility. The additional use of pieces of newspapers and pieces of wallpaper enabled the synthetic cubism to take influence of the art of mix-and-split technique. Such an art print by Posterlounge will arise the interest of fellow human beings and achieves above all something very important: interhuman relations!


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