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Neuzeit Kunstdrucke: Kunstposter bei Posterlounge.de

The modern period is one of the three great historical periods in human history. It is not easy to pin down chronologically, and depending on the perspective its start and extent vary. However, it is often said to stretch roughly from the 15th to the 19th century. In many respects, the modern period can be considered a revolutionary era. Some fundamental changes heralded the start of this period, for example the discovery of America and the invention of the printing press. Through the centuries, more indispensable knowledge in the areas of science and technology was gained. Radical changes affected the arts as well, as it can be seen on art prints and posters. The exploration of new sea routes has been significant for development of the modern period. Due to this means of travel, the social and cultural consciousness of Europe was subjected to diverse influences from all over the world. Painting in the modern period can be divided into three major styles: Renaissance, Baroque and the 19th century. The pictures painted in these époques are as admirable as they are unique and make a lasting impression as art posters. Whether it is a sketchy Renaissance drawing by Leonardo da Vinci or a Romantic painting by Caspar David Friedrich – they serve as sublime wall decoration in every room.

Ära des Wandels – Motive der Neuzeit auf Kunstpostern

There is hardly an era that went hand in hand with so many changes and innovations as the modern period. In art, the Renaissance challenged medieval traditions. The linear perspective was developed by Brunelleschi and allowed a depiction of three-dimensional space that seemed very realistic. Furthermore, the rediscovery and analysis of Classical antiquity made man himself become the focus of attention – a development that is reflected in paintings. Before that, painting was dominated by Christian motives and increasingly has been characterised by portraits and depictions of historical and contemporary figures. Art prints bear witness to this unparalleled zeitgeist and enable the viewer to participate in it even today. The return to the self accompanied by the process of individualisation finds its pictorial expression in art prints. A modern period picture serves as visual attention getter in every room and makes bare walls alive through precision and aesthetic. Thanks to impressive posters, one can dive into this fascinating and bygone world that, in many respects, formed the basis of modernity. On high-quality canvas, the pictures and motives turn into glamorous decoration for a special atmosphere in bedrooms and parlours.

Mit Kunstdrucken die Vielfalt der Neuzeit erleben!

It is not just the trend-setting changes of Renaissance and Baroque that form an important part of the modern period. The realistic depictions of the 19th century are just as noteworthy, for example those of classicism, realism and the Romantic period. Art prints present these lifelike paintings in a unique way. They fascinate the viewer and are a stylish and elegant wall decoration. Especially impressionism, which also belongs to the modern period, played a significant role in colour perception and formed an important basis for painting. As art print, an impressionist painting impresses with magnificent shading and skilful brushstrokes. It can take full effect in all rooms and create a wonderful atmosphere. Posterlounge presents a variety of posters that give an idea of the diversity of the modern period and show its masterpieces in an extraordinary way.


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