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Mandy Reinmuth

"Contemporary pop art or lounge art" - is how the Leipzig artist categorises her artworks.

At the end of the 20th century a new style of music was born. It was inspired by the rediscovery of the lounge in the form of trendily decorated bars in which seating comfort is also seen as important, in contrast to the traditional American bar. Lounge music. Not the name of a genre, it is more of a collective term for compilations of tunes that have something in common: relaxing songs that are eminently suitable as background music in any comfortable lounge or for making a leisurely evening off even more pleasurable.

It is a complete mixture of styles, anything from ambient, trip hop, acid and nu jazz, taking in light house and extending to older musical styles such as jazz and easy listening, often enriched with Latin-American and African influences. Does this musical trend need a corresponding development in art? Without a doubt! Just as lounge music borrows from the 50s, 60s and 70s, the colours and forms of Mandy Reinmuth's pictures are also characteristic of these times, and of the 70s in particular: 'Crazy, sexy and cool' is how the artist describes her pictures, which perfectly reproduce that very attitude to life we call 'lounging'.

If you are now saying: "Lounging? Never heard of it! What is it?", we recommend that you go to the record cabinet, take out a bossa nova record, perhaps Antonio Carlos Jobim or some jazz (Stan Getz would be perfect), set it playing and meanwhile look at some of Mandy Reinmuth's pictures. Once again, the pictures and the matching music say considerably more than the last 278 words.

Mandy´s clients include:

- Kings Road Multi-Media LLC, California/ Soul Sisters & Smooth Sounds Series
- Douglas Holding AG "Sandy´s beach" Cologne/ Store Design
- Sunbalance/ Suntrainer/ Advertising
- Popular Art Direction & Design
- defected records ltd./ Bargrooves Series
- team esprit/ calendar
- korsch publishing house/ calendar
- musterring/ Wall Art
- Wagram France/ CD Covers

Mandy`s artwork is published worldwide by

- Art.com, California / Giclee Prints
- teNeues Verlag and teNeues Publishing Company / blank books, diary
- THE MCGAW GROUP, LLC. New York / art print series
- Posterlounge.com / art prints and framed canvases
- International Graphics / art prints

Mandy`s illustrations were published in magazines

Cosmopolitan, Joy, Joy.de, Glamour, Jolie, Loop Magazine, Young miss, Haus & Wellness
my home, Lea, Woman, Prinz, Penthouse, Brigitte, myself, Freundin, Chica, Blitz

my website


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